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    BoardGPS gives every member of your board easy access to historical documents, financial statements, essential reports, and other vital information - all day, every day!

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    BoardGPS helps coordinate busy schedules, on-the-go board members, and dynamic projects with its innovative features and tools that make it easy to manage polls, motions, meetings, minutes, and more!

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    BoardGPS is more than just a place to keep documents; it's also a way to keep everyone moving forward together toward important shared goals!

Get Your Board on the Right Track Now

  • BoardGPS enables board members to stay connected and stay informed no matter where they might be.

  • BoardGPS offers an easy-to-use interface for voting on motions, conducting polls, scheduling meetings, and storing & retrieving important board documents.

  • BoardGPS protects your board's documents with our proprietary document security architecture.

  • BoardGPS provides outstanding support to those who serve on more than one board with our multi-board feature.

  • BoardGPS is your "Group Productivity System!"

Get on board!

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us for more information about how BoardGPS can benefit your organization. We have packages that will fit every board's needs, regardless of board size, purpose or industry.