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Our current subscribers tell us that the entire site is very useful and easy for them to navigate!

Board members are not supposed to be closet-techies. Instead, they need to bring their experience, expertise, and vision to bear on the important decisions that will shape their organization's future. BoardGPS helps board members fulfill their important decision-making roles more productively. It also helps them avoid getting bogged down with issues caused by unfamiliar or obscure technology. Anyone with the ability to operate a web browser can get up to speed fast with the simple and straightforward menus presented by BoardGPS -- that usability makes the site a true "Group Productivity System" (GPS) for busy board members!

Document/File sharing made easy!

Worried about the security of exchanging important documents via email? Tired of searching through old email for vital documents?

BoardGPS enables members to upload and download important files with our easy-to-use system over encrypted Internet connections using the SSL protocol. Your days of fear and frustration with email for important/confidential documents will be over!

Motion & Poll Voting

Timely voting is an important part of any board's success.

BoardGPS makes it easy to vote on motions and also to conduct online polls to rank/sort issues before the board. Members can participate in voting and polls from any location with a web browser and our secure Internet connection. The hassle and responsibility of collecting, tracking, and compiling results submitted via countless email messages is eliminated with this board productivity feature. Plus, our polling system offers a powerful "visual sorting" feature to make it easy for individual board members to sort and rank issues with a click of their mouse before submitting their rankings for analysis!

Schedule Meetings

Want to take the headache out of scheduling meetings?

Scheduling meetings with your board can be a real hassle with busy schedules and limited availability. This feature will enable your board to stay on track by making it easy for members to indicate their availability for multiple proposed dates and times.

Result Tracking

Automatic result tracking!

It's easy to schedule future meetings using the "Meeting Availability" capability of BoardGPS in order to propose a few dates and find out which board members are available for each date. Also, it has never been easier to conduct online voting on motions and polls. Some boards even use the voting and polls features in "real time", during a board meeting, by making sure that each board member is at their computer during a conference call or by using their own computers, tablets, or smartphones during a face-to-face meeting. The powerful tabulation features of BoardGPS yield accurate results instantly! As each motion or poll is set up by the board administrator, they can decide whether the votes are to be conducted via "secret ballot" or in an open manner. BoardGPS offers powerful customization settings to fit the culture of your board.

Multiple Board Support

Would you like to have a single site to find documents from all of your boards?

At the request of an early adopter of BoardGPS, we've built in support for individuals who serve on multiple boards. When you log into BoardGPS, our system checks your credentials to see if you are a member of more than one board. If you are, the system automatically displays a list of all of your boards so that you can select the board you need to work on at that moment. Also, after you've finished reviewing documents for one board, you can switch to the document collection for one of your other boards with a simple menu choice. Our users tell us that "BoardGPS delivers a unique and valuable document management solution for those busy folks who serve on more than one board!"